Mary Catherine Lynch arrived on December 8, 2011.  After the initial shock that she was a SHE, we quickly learned something was not right.  Then the real shock came; Mary Cate was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, and since then our lives have been forever changed.

Apert Syndrome is a craniofacial condition that affects the head, feet, and hands.  It is a spontaneous genetic mutation that occurred at conception.  Apert Syndrome is extremely rare and occurs in only 1 in 160,000 - 200,000 births each year in the US.  

It is totally unknown at this point as to what this will mean for Mary Cate's development.  She will have physical and possible cognitive development issues, but the extent of such issues varies case to case and depend on the severity of the syndrome.  She has already endured a couple of surgeries to separate her fingers and toes, as well as to remold her skull to make room for her brain to grow.

In the short time she has been here, Mary Cate has taught us more about courage and love than we have ever known.  Mary Cate has already proven herself and excellent sleeper and cuddler, and she could not be more loved.

We are very determined to spread awareness of this syndrome and to give Mary Cate the happiest life we possibly can.  Please join us in our endeavors to raise awareness of craniofacial conditions.