What a week

The past week has been jam packed with exciting things!  

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by journalist, Howard Ludwig, after he heard that Mary Cate and I had visited his son's  school to talk to the 4th grade class on how to #choosekind and their discussions after reading the book Wonder.  

He came to our house for a few hours to chat, hear our story and meet the girls!    A week later, he published this incredible article that has so accurately described us.  Within hours of the article being posted, it seemed to have "gone viral" and by noon on Friday I was getting text messages and emails about the article being picked up by the Huffington Post!  WHOAH!  We were floored, and had never expected to see our faces and story there!  It was truly a whirlwind, and we cannot ever express how grateful we are to all of you for your love and support and willingness to to want to share our story and campaign to educate others on Apert Syndrome and all differences, and a big thank you to Howard Ludwig for the beautifully written piece!


MyMaryCate 1.jpg



We have also been visiting many area schools to talk to the school kids about choosing kind and that IT'S OK (more than OK) to be different!  It has been such a wonderful experience for us as well as the children, and we are are so honored that so many of you are reaching out to invite us to your schools.  This past week we visited St. Francis Xavier in LaGrange and High Point Elementary in Orland Park (and we have about 6 more in the calendar in the next few weeks!  (and to all those who have emailed me, I promise I will be getting back to you soon to schedule some dates)! :)


Life has been going along great for us health wise.  A few bouts of the stomach flu, and some nasty colds/coughs, but our girls are enjoying life and growing up TOO QUICKLY!  Mary is now in a weekly "tot stars" gymnastics class, and enjoying every minute of it, and Maggie already has 2 teeth and is sitting up and I am sure will be running after her big sister any day soon!



This past week also brought us our yearly IFSP (individual family service plan), which is a yearly review from all of our Early Intervention Therapists, and our goals on what to work on for the upcoming year.  This meeting can be a bit overwhelming and emotional as all of our therapists sit in a round table discussing where MC is at in regards to her chronological age, and a even more emotional for us, as we are working on the transition to pre-school (how is she almost pre-school aged?!?!?!?)!   

We have been so incredibly blessed with our therapy team since Mary Cate was just 6 weeks old and they had their initial evaluation.  So many of these woman have been coming to our house every week since that time and have been working not only with MC, but with us, and they have truly become members of our family…we are forever grateful for them, and believe that with all of their love and expertise, Mare has grown in leaps and bounds, and her delays are less and less with each review!  

THANK YOU!!! (Mary, Michelle, Jeannine, Anne, Jane, Amy and Alison (not pictured)


My sister, Brigid and brother in law, Joe, welcomed their 2nd son on 1/29…Ryan John Tassone!

Big Brother, Joey, is so proud and in love, and Ryan's big cousins can't wait to meet him this weekend :)



If you have visited our website/blog before, you will notice that this one is brand new and SO MUCH BETTER!  Huge thanks to Ryan Hoalt of No Limits Multimedia http://www.nolimitsmm.com for generously donating his time and talent to totally revamp our site!  He is awesome and did a wonderful job...You will notice our new site is much more easily navigable!  THANK YOU RYAN!  

Thank you again for all of your love and support…we would not be where we are today if not for all of you being so kind, and we hope we are continuing to make all of you a little more aware and making our small but happy difference in this world :)

We sure are hoping this winter is over soon, so we can finally get back outside and some time back at the park!  Mare Bear (and all of us, especially us Chicagoans) are OVER Winter 2014 :)



As Always, sending you all much love!


 Kerry, Chris, Mary Cate & Maggie 


and if you haven't already seen the special video I made for MC…be sure to check it out :)




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